What Desire: Haitoku no Rasen Showed Me About Storytelling, Game Design, and Myself

How I felt after the end. // ©Himeya Soft, C-Wares

Sometimes that sum completely knocks you on your ass. As in you traversed this whole other plane then thought, “Could I possibly make something with this much impact?”

Just a quiet evening in The Bronx, doing some game design research! // ©Himeya Soft, C-Wares
Wrong doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. // © Himeya Soft, C-Wares

But I just know you couldn’t WAIT for me to discuss all the parts with sex!

Al and Christie have this totally cringey sex scene but this has nothing on how risque it gets later. // © Himeya Soft, C-Wares
Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or proclivity though, you’re going to relate this image you’ll frequently see. // © Himeya Soft, C-Wares
I think this should explain Kyle’s character well enough. // © Himeya Soft, C-Wares
You’re just gonna have to see for yourself, if you really want to. You’re likely to get simultaneously turned on AND fucking terrified. // © Himeya Soft, C-Wares

However they were intended, the sex scenes in Desire actually do add to the story.

That it wasn’t meant to be and the whole world’s about to change in three days. // ©Himeya Soft, C-Wares
Martina in the 2017 remaster for the Vita. // © Himeya Soft, C-Wares

Desire showed me that games and humans are capable of being complex and sometimes unlikable with motivations that don’t always make sense. But in my quest for more knowledge about the game’s origin stories, I came across the most shocking thing of all.

Game dev, writer, small biz & tax consultant to indie devs. Above all, socialist childfree shitposting crazy toad lady from The Fucking Bronx www.sonictoad.com

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