We Got Here Because American Society Treats Children Like Property

There are widespread cultural and structural impacts that affect everyone when children are seen as pets and commodities, not developing human beings.

Rachel Presser
6 min readAug 2, 2022


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As America continues its descent into autocracy, people all over the political spectrum question how we got here.

I’m going to repeat what child abuse survivors have been saying for years: while there’s numerous forces that led to the crumbling of this shambles of democracy, a major underpinning is that America is not a society where children are seen as small human beings who are the future. They’re seen as property and pets.

The evangelicals simply see them as a tool for their holy war, secular individualistic Americans see them as an expensive pet to brag about. While I did not have a conservative or evangelical upbringing, I have a common thread with many people who did: we recognize that our parents abused us because we were like defective merchandise that didn’t do what the ads told them.

Pets that didn’t do the tricks they wanted, so they yelled, screamed, hit, cried to the world about what burdens we were, and then wondered why we cut them off as adults or didn’t give fuck when they died.

And you bet it’s not discussed so that kids don’t know they’re actually being abused.

And part of how we got here is this mentality that children are property.

The politically-engaged knew that Roe v. Wade was likely to be overturned by a hyper-partisan stolen court even before the memo leaked a month and a half prior.

It was like putting a loved one in hospice: we knew it was coming, we were prepared, but also knew that others wouldn’t be. Despite our overall awareness of the inevitable, a deluge of grief and primal rage broke free nevertheless.

I’m not going to get into the scientifically inaccurate and prudish twaddle peddled by anti-abortion activists, or the real-world economic and medical impacts that this draconian ruling is going to have. You cannot plead basic facts and humanity with those who cannot be reasoned



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