Though for the subject at hand...most of the men who tried to seriously date me in recent years were more like Elisa. Happy working a 9-5 job where they are. Nothing wrong with that, but I fought incredibly hard for a creative and entrepreneurial career where I could do whatever the fuck I want, and not barring pandemics-- go wherever I want.

I'm told that's what I SHOULD want in a partner, aren't I lucky that men with good jobs hit on me blah blah blah, and I've even had people (usually men) express anger towards me when I say that I'd prefer a partner with a similar career and lifestyle because I hated employers encroaching on my life, and would prefer my partner has attained a similar degree of freedom (or at least *wants* to get there!)

Women aren't just shamed for having their own needs. We're also shamed for having our own desires, life goals, and preferences that don't defer to men.

And expected to "compromise" on incredibly huge and life-altering things like this!

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