On a 30-something’s Refusal to Use Dating Apps

Admit it. This is more appealing than trying to see if an algorithm will match you with a fellow meatbag of your liking.

A Paradox of Intimacy

Courtesy of a Twitter mutual. Even if I only created an account with the intent of having casual sex….no. The thought of having to sift through messages like these the same way I delete tons of cold calls and stock messages on LinkedIn before finding that one buried message from someone trying to meet up at GDC?Getting a colonoscopy from Predator would be more fun.

To flip the hourglass, there’s also this paradoxical sense of hyper intimacy.

Getting Out in the World

Game dev, writer, small biz & tax consultant to indie devs. Above all, socialist childfree shitposting crazy toad lady from The Fucking Bronx www.sonictoad.com

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